Launch Video Popups Using Click Open Triggers

1) Launch a popup using an “exact match” link preset selector The link below is a standard YouTube share link. But, when you click it, you’ll see the video inside a popup instead of getting redirected to YouTube. Example Popups You Can Create With Popup Maker Here’s a screen capture of the link trigger setting… Continue reading Launch Video Popups Using Click Open Triggers

Video Popups

Popup Maker supports 5 ways to create video popups in WordPress: Adding a media file via the classic editor (shortcode method). Adding a YouTube video using the Gutenberg YouTube block. Embedding an video via a URL using the Gutenberg Embed block. Adding a video using the Gutenberg Video block. Using embed code from the video… Continue reading Video Popups

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Popup Focus

Click here to launch a popup with an extra Close button. Click here for an extra Close button in a span. Click here for a no content popup. Click here for a text-only popup. Click here for an image-only popup. Click here for a video-only popup. Click here for a popup form. Click here for… Continue reading Popup Focus