Link Tracking

Link Tracking Tests

Right-click and view source on any link to see what the code looks like.

Go to anchor tracking link.

(555) 555-1234

Data vars test: (555) 555-1234 (custom event example)

Test email (tracked by default)

Data vars test: Test email (custom event)

Go to Homepage (simple custom event example)

Go to Homepage (internal-link custom event)

Shop (cta custom event)

Shop (another internal custom event)

Custom Event with Dynamic Link Label —The original data-vars-ga-label is replaced dynamically via JavaScript.

This a test of a self-hosted UTM parameter link.

This is some anchor text. Click on Link Tracking > Anchor Tracking in the main menu to get here.

Go to Shop page (internal click not tracked by default)

About caught my eye (outbound link tracked by default)

This is an outbound link with data-vars-ga-label set.

    This is an 
    <a href="" id="custom-outbound-link" data-vars-ga-label="This is a link that overrides the link text ;-)">
        outbound link
    with data-vars-ga-label set.

This is an image link. The image has alt text set, so the alt text will be used as the event label.

Rocco at Campuhan Ridge
Our beloved Rocco