Launch Video Popups Using Click Open Triggers

1) Launch a popup using an “exact match” link preset selector

The link below is a standard YouTube share link. But, when you click it, you’ll see the video inside a popup instead of getting redirected to YouTube.

Example Popups You Can Create With Popup Maker

Here’s a screen capture of the link trigger setting that makes this possible.

2) Launch a popup using the popup_trigger shortcode

If you love shortcodes, you’ll love our popup_trigger shortcode!

Here’s an example. Click the link below to launch another video popup instead of getting redirected to YouTube.

Here’s the shortcode syntax for the link above.

3) Launch different videos but use the same popup

The first 2 examples have hard coded video URLs inside the popup. That means you have to launch a dedicated popup for a specific video.

What if you want to have only 1 video popup and pass in the video ID dynamically? Well, you can write custom JavaScript (jQuery) code to listen for and process clicks that follow this pattern.

Here are 2 examples

This button’s link is

This button’s link is

The YouTube video links above are different, but the usepopup flag tells Popup Maker to use the same popup for each of those videos.

It’s a little rough around the edges because the 1 popup still needs a hardcoded video URL, but our clever little jQuery finds that harcoded ID and swaps in the video ID that’s in the button link.

If you’re interested, check out the code on GitHub.

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