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How to Find Your Top Post Categories

Create Your Custom Dimension First

I track my blog posts using custom reports based on a category custom dimension. For example:

ga("set", "dimension1", "editorial,photography,travel")

This custom dimension is the crux for tracking your WordPress post categories.

Post Category Custom Reports

Here’s my all categories custom report.

All Categories GA Custom Report

Here’s my editorial category report.

Editorial Category GA Custom Report

Setting up Your Custom Report using a Regex

In the report above, I use a regex filter to single out one category. The regex takes into account that multiple categories are possible for a single post. Here’s the custom report definition for the editorial category only.

Editorial Category GA Custom Report Definition

So, assuming you have at least one category set for all your blog posts, this should work for you too.

Shared on the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

I posted my custom report examples to the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery.

So if you need to quick start, import my template and enjoy 😉

Title: Pageviews by WordPress Post Categories Custom Reports

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