Hello world!

ini bali - petani di campuhan oleh caught my eye // this is bali - a balinese farmer on the campuhan ridge near ubud

Welcome to this humble testing site. Here, you’ll find posts and pages for testing things like Google Analytics custom dimensions, WooCommerce purchase tracking, YouTube video tracking, and interesting popup use cases. To experience how Google Analytics works with WordPress, make sure you have your Google Analytics debugger or Omnibug active while you’re on this site.… Continue reading Hello world!

Ajax Random Number

Note: Random prices ($nn.nn) took too long to get a winner (too many digits). So, I’ve changed the demo to bid on fruit instead. Every time you click on Banana, an Ajax call to the server generates a random fruit (from a set of 5) and says if you have a match or not. Let’s… Continue reading Ajax Random Number

Video Popups

Popup Maker officially supports 3 ways to create video popups in WordPress: Adding a media file via the classic editor (shortcode method). Adding a YouTube video using the Gutenberg YouTube block. Embedding an video via a URL using the Gutenberg Embed block. Learn more in our Video Popups Introduction guide. All the video popups here… Continue reading Video Popups

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