Hello world!

ini bali - petani di campuhan oleh caught my eye // this is bali - a balinese farmer on the campuhan ridge near ubud

Welcome to this humble testing site. Here, you’ll find posts and pages for testing things like Google Analytics custom dimensions, WooCommerce purchase tracking, YouTube video tracking, and interesting popup use cases. To experience how Google Analytics works with WordPress, make sure you have your Google Analytics debugger or Omnibug active while you’re on this site.… Continue reading Hello world!

Launch Video Popups Using Click Open Triggers

1) Launch a popup using an “exact match” link preset selector The link below is a standard YouTube share link. But, when you click it, you’ll see the video inside a popup instead of getting redirected to YouTube. Example Popups You Can Create With Popup Maker Here’s a screen capture of the link trigger setting… Continue reading Launch Video Popups Using Click Open Triggers

Random Banner Popups

Reload the page as much as you want to see 3 banner popups appear in random order. You don’t need to close the popup before reloading the page. No cookies are set, so reloading always chooses 1 random popup from the 3 popups. Here’s the custom code where all the magic happens. https://gist.github.com/marklchaves/0cf4aafba48e06e50f0de5d53e7f6d2b

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Dynamic Link Popup

This button launches a popup and passes it a URL

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